Frost & Onyx is an immersive world that displays the vibrancy of Africa and the spirit of its women through luxury fashion pieces and artisan furnishings and homeware, many featuring our signature prints.


We are loved for our innovative approach to African prints and commitment to limited manufacturing, which ensures that your pieces are unique.


Frost & Onyx reflects the wanderlust, beauty, and boldness of the African spirit and is an international brand with a cultural and social purpose – all done with understated confidence and effortless style.


Frost & Onyx is a modern Afro British brand founded by Funmi (me) – a British Nigerian and lawyer by training.


The F&O journey began late in 2016 when I was working in New York. At brunch, in a Brooklyn coffee shop whilst sipping my oat latte. I noticed the similarities between my American friends of West African descent and my British African girls. Both sets of women are beautiful, smart, stylish, witty, ambitious, well-travelled, and brimming with African spirit. And, we all love Supermalt. I wanted to capture this spirit through innovative prints and luxe pieces that can travel the world with you.


With some, not so gentle, persuasion it became a family effort. The signature prints that capture this modern African spirit are designed in-house by my brother, a talented graphic designer. My mother and sisters helped to source and refine the luxe pieces and designs. A year later, and after many (many, many,many) samples, Frost & Onyx was born (then NGBL) with its first collection Black & Gold – luxe afrocentric slogan tees.


Today, we are growing a collection of beautifully conceived everyday luxury clothing and artisan homeware that continue to tell beautiful stories of culture, strength, adventure, and purpose – with understated confidence and effortless style.


I want you to feel connected, wherever you are in the world.

With Love,

     Funmi x